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Anupama Episode update 23 Dec 2020 Vanraj got the job notification TV show Star Plus

Anu happily informs Baa and Bapuji that she has got the job of a school teacher and is to join on the 1st of next month. Bapu blesses happily while Ba does not look happy. Mama jokes. Toshu congratulates Anu. Ba asks how long this job will last and if she goes to school she will do the housework. Kinjal asks why she is discouraging Mummy, they should all encourage her instead. Ba says that she can break anything and to ask who is Kinjal, she doesn’t even know how to cook. Kinjal says that she learns slowly. Their argument begins. Anu stops them and says that the way they handled difficult situations recently, house chores are nothing. Toshu and Samar say that they will help Mummy. Bapuji says that they should help each other. Mamaji joked again. Bala says that if there is anything left, she will scold Anu. Mamaji says that it is her birthright. Anu says that Kinjal is very lucky for her, she got a job as soon as she came. Kinjal hugs her emotionally. Ba says that Rakhi is coming tonight to discuss the wedding and if she raises her serpent head, she will crush him.

Samar goes to meet Nandini and asks Nandu her name, it is not cute. Nandini says that it is very cute. Nandini says that sometimes small happiness matters a lot. He says as if to leave a friend. She tells him that Mummy has got a job as a school teacher. She says that Anu aunty is really amazing, it’s not easy to get up after falling, especially after being cheated on in love. He says he is coming home tonight to discuss Toshu and Kinjal’s marriage. She asks if Vanraj Chacha is coming home. He says that he does not know that Mummy will manage both work and home. She suggests him to take up responsibilities, cleaning his room and ironing clothes etc. He nodded smilingly.

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Kinjal cleans vegetables. Anu asks her to go and study. Kinjal says that she is already done and will help him now. Kinjal teaches her and when she does not do so, he explains it properly and asks her to let him go. Seeing Pakhi who feels jealous and thinks that Mummy’s total attention is now on her sister-in-law, but Papa loves her very much. She goes to Anu and tells him that when Papa comes home tonight, she will go with him. Anu says she can leave, but should return by evening as there is only 1 room in Kavya’s house. Pakhi says that she will adjust there, asks Papa to take leave tomorrow and they will have a lot of fun, she will go and pack her bags. Anu hopes that Kavya will not feel uncomfortable with Pakhi’s entry in her small flat.


In Vanraj’s office, boss Dholakia informs staff about the new CEO Vishal Sharma who will join him and asks Kavya to attend Vishal’s questions and make him feel comfortable in the office. Kavya definitely says sir. Vanraj pours water in jealousy. Vishal enters, and all congratulate him. Vishal says that they don’t know him well, but he knows them well, so instead of wasting time let us start. Vanraj introduces himself and says that he has been an employee of the firm for 30 years and has got many contract projects with his hard work, but since 3 months of business is sluggish and he is in danger of losing his job, he feels that this is unfair. Vishal says that he is right, but he is saying this because he is old and tired, instead a young employee would have tried his best to improve himself; Tells Mr. Dholakia that past performance has no value and he must keep proving himself; Let us see if Vanraj can continue his magic even after 30 years, he has 1 month to prove himself and if he cannot, he should inform himself as time is money.

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Anu talks over the phone with Devika that she needs to manage the difference between needs and expenses, she needs to get Toshu and Kinjal married within her budget. Kinjal overhears her conversation and thinks that she needs to talk to Toshu about her marriage. Anu has been looking at Baa something since morning and asks what he is doing. Ba said nothing and asked him to bring ginger tea. Bapuji stops Anu and says that if his MIL is silent, it means there is a flood in the way, and if she is smiling, it means that there is a storm coming on the way. In the evening, Vanraj returns to Kavya’s house. Kavya tells her to inform her family that she cannot afford Toshu’s wedding as she only has 1 month’s job notice left if she loses her job. Vanraj angrily asks that he has worked in this industry for 30 years and has gained a lot of fame, so he will be easily found in another company. She walks away disappointed. He thinks that all the women associated with his life are problematic for him, here Kavya and there Anupama and Rakhi.

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